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November 2007 Monthly Update

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Much of the changes we publicized in November were about the new ad service that we launched in October. The most important change for bloggers, I think, was the simplification of the process to place an ad to take readers directly to your subscription page. If you want to promote your blog to like minded readers, advertising with FeedBlitz and picking the right keywords or content channel is a great - and easy - way to attract attention and new subscribers. We also introduced a year-end bonus, and wondered about pricing arbitrage for blog reading on the Kindle.

Meanwhile, FeedBlitz also introduced new flexibility and simplicity to the subscription process (OK that was early December, so I'm getting a little flexible with the dates here). You've seen parts 1 and 2 so far; part 3 is being readied and you'll see that in a few days.

Important: Maintenance Downtime, Dec 17.

FeedBlitz will be offline on from midnight to 07:00 EST December 17 as our hosting provider is moving to a brand new data center. Once the systems come back up we'll play catch up on the mailings. Please plan accordingly.

And so to the numbers.
  • Circulation: 3,769,964 (up 14% on October)
  • feedblitz.com page views: 1,951,498 (down just over 2% - I blame Thanksgiving)
  • feedblitz.com unique visitors: 783.079 (down <>
  • Total messages sent: 37,056,996 (up 16% )
  • Average messages / day: 1,235,233
  • Peak daily messages: 1,646,022 (Nov 15)

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