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More maintenance...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

... yesterday at 6:33pm eastern the database was corrupted (that's not meant to happen with this software, of course, but there you are. Happen it did). We went through a complete backup / restore cycle and got it back running around 10:22 pm last night.

That turns out not to be the end of the story, unfortunately. Because of the data corruption, the restore only went as far as 10/26. The good news is that we have a backup from 3pm yesterday from which we can plug the gaps (for database types, it was double-write buffer and transaction log damage, so no: we can't just roll forward like you're meant to).

So we've taken the system down while we complete this last task. There will be some minor inconvenience for folks who created newsletters after 10:22 last night as your subscription signup forms will need to be updated afer the change. Everyone potentially affected has an email from me.



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