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FeedBlitz makes blogs affordable on Kindle

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So a quick thought for all the gadget geeks out there, courtesy of Abe, the FeedBlitz VP Engineering.

If the Amazon Kindle charges 99c a month for a blog subscription per USA today, that gets really pricey really quickly. If you want 10 blogs, that's $9.90 a month.

But an email to your Kindle is apparently 10c a shot. So if you subscribe your Kindle to all your blogs using our daily email, it will probably cost 10c a day (for our standard service, where all the blogs are consolidated into a single digest). For 10 subscriptions, then, you'd be out $9.90 per month on the Kindle's blog plan, but you'd pay just $3 with a daily email update from FeedBlitz. If you have to have the Kindle, the economics of using email as a blog reading solution are compelling (your exact savings will depend on the # of blogs you subscribe to, how often they're checked, how often they change, and whether they're in the digest or not).

Unless I'm missing something here, you can have many many blogs on Kindle via FeedBlitz, making it affordable, as along as a single daily update is OK for you. Which makes the Internet access it offers much more interesting, doesn't it?

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Blogger David Berkowitz said...

Great marketing here. While I'm in no rush to buy a Kindle (I'll lug around the real books instead, thanks), this is a fantastic way for you to add value to it. Well done!

9:50 AM, November 29, 2007  

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