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Denial of Service Attack - Collateral Damage?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Earlier this morning FeedBlitz web sites were effectively offline courtesy of an apparent distributed denial of service attack that overloaded our web servers. As of now, we've deployed more web servers and taken other mitigation steps to bring the WWW service back online. All functionality should now be readily accessible again.

It's my assumption, looking at the logs, that FeedBlitz itself was not the direct target of the attack - we're a service provider, after all, with no particular axe to grind. Rather, a set of bots based in Russia were attacking a client's blog that linked back to us, and they were simply blindly downloading all the links on that particular site. The blog is a security blog discussing, among other things, malware, personal freedoms and its oppressions, things like that. I guess a group of oppressors or crooks didn't like it. FeedBlitz became, in effect, collateral damage as they tried beating up that site.

As a result of the extra load, mailings will probably take longer than usual to get out as the mail servers get a chance to catch up.

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