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RSS and Google Analytics Integration

Sunday, April 05, 2009

FeedBlitz's new RSS service now enables bloggers, social media marketers and publishers to track RSS-driven click-throughs in Google Analytics (and also Omniture's Visual Sciences enterprise web site analytics solution). Further, FeedBlitz has made this feature available to our email marketing newsletter service as well.

FeedBlitz is now the only RSS service to enable publishers to view their RSS-driven activity in these two popular web analytics packages.

It's trivial to set up. For RSS feeds, go to RSS - Settings, and choose the click tracking service you want and save. For email newsletters, go to Newsletters - Settings - Content Settings - Tracking and More and pick the tracking option you want, and save. That's all you have to do. Well, ok, that and wait for the metrics to appear in your web analytics results.

For the FeedBlitz RSS service, changes are immediate. Email service click-through changes are reflected in the next mailing. It's OK to specify the click through settings in both locations if you use both services; a click-through from an email based on a FeedBlitz feed will properly identify itself as being email, not RSS, driven.

Looking at the results in Google Analytics

All the results are visible in Traffic Sources - Campaigns in your Google Analytics dashboard.

For clicks that originate from your RSS feed, Google will record "FeedBlitz" as the source, "FeedBlitzRss" as the medium, and the feed path (the part of your url after "feeds.feedblitz.com") as the campaign. Pick these options from the "Dimension" drop down on that page the campaigns page.

For clicks that originate from an email newsletter, "FeedBlitz" is still the source, but the medium will be "FeedBlitzEmail", the campaign will identify when the mailing went out (e.g. "Nightly 2009-04-04") and the content will identify the feedblitz list ID.

Now you can easily review the effectiveness of your email newsletters and RSS feeds and determine what changing settings will do (such as switching between full and partial content, for example).

Omniture Visual Sciences

FeedBlitz adds the "From" parameter, enabling you to differentiate between RSS and email clicks, and similarly varies the parameters on the email side to enable you to tell which mailing led to which click through.

RSS Service Recap

With this feature announcement, I want to briefly revisit our original posting announcing the service. In it I said "You'll see that the FeedBlitz RSS feed service will rapidly evolve over the coming weeks." A bold claim. How are we doing? Since that launch, about 10 days ago, this is what we've added:
Commitment fulfilled. FeedBlitz is keeping its promises and not letting our RSS publishers down. If you can't say the same about your RSS service, then please register for a 30-day free trial. Tune the Blitzed version of your RSS feed and then, once you're happy, make the switch.

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Blogger Internet Strategist said...

Could you provide a comparison of FeedBlitz to PostRank? Many will be seeking a replacement for FeedBurner and will want to know as much about each of these as possible.

By the way, why do you only allow comments from those who have a Google/Blogger account? While I agree that most people WILL eventually have a Google account some do not and others prefer not to stay logged in to Google all the time.

I rarely check the email attached to Google, preferring to use my primary email address while commenting - an address I can not share with you or use to notify me of updates to this post because you have not enabled that available option.

7:13 PM, April 05, 2009  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

I shall be turning out some industry comparisons shortly but I'm not that familiar with PostRank and so won't do a direct head to head against them.

The google thing was probably an oversight on my part on this blog's settings which I haven't chanegd for ages. Changed: openID is now A-OK as well :-)

9:10 PM, April 05, 2009  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

With the FeedBurner stats fiasco last week I ran out of time to do this; however I did flesh out the FAQs a little to higlight differences between us and FeedBurner.

3:08 PM, April 13, 2009  

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