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FeedBlitz RSS: URL Parameters

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We've built FeedBlitz RSS to give publishers of all calibers choice and flexibility in how their feeds work. The RSS settings page manages almost all of these, but - aha!- there are ways for slightly more advanced users to further modify what FeedBlitz does by adding parameters into the feed URL.

So, if you have selected "Browser Friendly" (which is the default), you won't see the RSS feed in your browser. But you can force FeedBlitz to give it to you anyway by appending "&x=1" to the URL, like this:
Similarly, if you have disabled browser friendly, you can force FeedBlitz to give it to you anyway by setting the 'x' parameter to be zero, as in: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/feedblitz&x=0

Don't forget that the mobile version is always at http://m.feedblitz.com/feedblitz (or whatever your feed is), and it always serves the mobile version no matter what parameters you send it.

You can also limit the posts the feed shows by telling FeedBlitz only to show posts that include certain tags (the "inc" parameter), or exclude posts with certain tags (the "exc" parameter). The categories (or tags or labels) should be comma separated and HTTP encoded.

Using the FeedBlitz feed as an example, you can do this:


and you'll get all the posts (if any) that are tagged wither "AWS" or "EMail Marketing" presented in XML (feed) format. Similarly, you can exclude posts you don't want, like this:


This example also forces the browser-friendly version by also adding the "x=0" parameter.

An application for this? You can build category based feeds this way even if your blogging system doesn't produce them natively. The include and exclude parameters work on all three forms of your Blitzed feed (HTML, XML and mobile).

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