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RSS Feed Merging Added

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The "Splices" function of FeedBlitz has been extended in two new ways, giving you yet more choices as to how to integrate external content into your feed.

RSS Feed Merge

As well as our "off the shelf" integration of Twitter, Disqus, Backlinks, YouTube and a dozen or so other services, we now have an RSS feed option. Enter the RSS feed's URL into the box and save; that RSS feed will now be merged into your feed.

You can merge as many feeds as you like (a new blank row will appear each time you save). We're not trying to replicate the advanced capabilities of services like Yahoo Pipes or MySyndicaat, but we do believe that for those people who want to simply merge multiple feeds into one they should be able to do that from their core RSS service.

For example, a teacher can now splice in both their school news and their school district's news into their classroom blog's feed, ensuring that parents get all they need to know about what might be affecting their child's education. Or a realtor can splice in tips for sellers from a staging blog along with their own local market insights from their own site. You can build a richer experience for your RSS readers by choosing the right content to merge in.

New Splice Merging Option

When we launched last week, splices were only available as daily summaries, with either just the titles in a list, or both titles and the content, all placed together in a single "wrap up" feed entry. To accommodate RSS feed merging, we've added a new option, "Merge Posts into Main Feed" - which places splices into the feed (whether from RSS or any of the other services we support) based on the post's timestamp.

This capability and all our splices are at RSS - Splices at http://www.feedblitz.com/.

What this means for FeedBlitz Email Publishers

Since FeedBlitz email is RSS based, for bloggers and new media companies that wish to bring multiple feeds into a single newsletter, now you can. Blitz your main feed and then add the feeds you want to merge in as splices. Then update your newsletter (Newsletters - Settings - Content Settings - The Basics) and you're done.

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