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Feature Update: Recycling is Good for your Posts 2

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Circulation is king - and getting your posts read as much as possible is key to maximizing your readership and, of course, any benefits you can reap (page views = ad revenue) from your content's extended reach. That's why FeedBlitz introduced the recent article summary in May.

But there's more we can do to help your articles be read. And read. And read again. So today FeedBlitz has upgraded two of our capabilities to help you exploit your content even more.

Firstly, we have extended our tag search facility to enable your readers to quickly search your entire blog for, well, whatever they want. A new entry will now appear in your table of contents under the recap, allowing readers to search your blog globally, not just for the tags used in an individual article. The feature is otherwise the same as the tag search and controlled using the same option in your setup; see the original article for details.

Secondly, we've expanded the reach of the outbrain article ranking system. When a user rates an article, the landing page now shows related articles (if any) as determined by all of outbrain's voters. In addition, we've added a "Related" option for each article, next to the forward-to-a-friend, comment and other links, which takes you directly to the results page without a vote being required first. Perfect for lurkers and the silent majority. The "related" link is controlled using the outbrain article ranking option - see the original article for more.

Each of these changes greatly increases the potential readership for each of your articles, regardless of whether they are in the current message or not. So publishers benefit from greater exposure for their content, and subscribers benefit from being able to quickly find articles of interest. A win-win, then. Cool.

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