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New Feature: Article Tag Search

Monday, January 22, 2007

You’ve written a fabulous article. Your subscribers want more! And now FeedBlitz's latest feature, tag search, makes it easy for your subscribers to quickly find similar articles on your site.

Based on our tag analysis technology, FeedBlitz extracts the tags from each post and creates a link at the foot of each article (near the forward to a friend and comments links if you have them) to a custom, article- and site-specific Google search box. When the subscriber clicks the link in the email, the search is pre-filled with the tags in the article. The subscriber has the chance to edit the search criteria and then submit the form, or to go straight to your site. Google then serves up the results based on the tags.

What’s neat about this is that, by using tags as the search criteria, we’re linking the search engine technology to the semantics you had in mind when you wrote the article. So the search results are really relevant, and should help your subscribers access more of your content more quickly.

Bottom line: More repeat visitors for you.

The more tags you use, the more likely the Feedblitz tag search results will be really focused and relevant to your subscribers. Your readers will quickly get to the see search results for your site, making them much more likely to click through to another of your articles.

If you use tags, the best way to check out this feature is to log in to your FeedBlitz account and use the “Preview” facility. For publishers, the preview is on the diagnostics menu found at www.feedblitz.com/f?Lists; for subscribers it’s on the popup menu at www.feedblitz.com/f?feeds.

Better yet, if you have defined a link to any of the ad networks we support (currently Google AdSense and Pheedo), relevant ads from those networks will displayed on the search form and search results pages. You therefore stand to benefit from any search activity we generate for you.

That said, just to be right up front about this, the search results may also have Google ads presented with them as part of the results display (it depends on the search tags and whatever other criteria Google applies). Let’s face it, that’s true of pretty much every other search engine on the planet, where the ads benefit the search engine. And so it is here: the ads that appear in the search results benefit FeedBlitz. If that really bothers you, simply disable the feature for your publication (it’s in the Syndication Setup Tracking Forwards and Comments section of your feed’s popup menu). It’s your call.

By default, tag search has been enabled for all standard feeds, and will show up in mailings from now on. Of course, if there aren’t any tags, the search link won’t be added.

Pro users need to specifically enable the feature. If used, the search form and the results are displayed using your Pro template, retaining your branding and any graphics or sponsorships you may have added to the template.



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