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New Feature: Article voting, powered by outbrain

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm delighted to announce the results of a partnership between FeedBlitz and outbrain, enabling us to add article ranking and display to your emails. So now you can get feedback from your readership about what you're writing - and your readership can see what everyone else thinks - even if your subscribers aren't commenting on your blog (or if you have comments disabled). It's a great way to get insight from those who are unwilling or unable to voice their opinions in writing online (but you "A" type personalities can vote too, of course!)

So FeedBlitz is now rolling this facility out to all users over the next few days; it is enabled by default. The option to change that setting is in the Syndication Setup - Tracking, Forwards and Comments menu option at www.feedblitz.com/f?lists

Now, what you see in these emails is only the first fruits of our work together. FeedBlitz is continuing to work with outbrain, and I expect that we'll be able to deliver valuable information to publishers as usage grows and the technology evolves. A big "thank you" to founder and CEO Yaron Galai and his team as we've worked through the implementation.

Since we're partnering with outbrain, your article rankings join those made by outbrain's other users. That's actually important for the long haul. Recently funded, outbrain's goal is to use the "wisdom of crowds" (or "serendipity" as they call it) to help you find content that you might otherwise miss. There's an explanation here, and more here by outbrain's founder, Yaron Galai on his personal blog as to why outbrain is not Digg. if you're interested in getting your dose of serendipity, hop on over to outbrain.com and sign up.

One final, important, word on privacy. No personally identifiable information is shared when the rating graphic is displayed, nor when you vote. In other words, the good folks at outbrain have no idea who you are, so go ahead and vote away - but only your most recent vote counts, so "vote early, vote often" won't work!

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