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April 2007 Monthly Update

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

With a little more time in hand than last month, here's a quick update on the state of the Internet's largest blog and RSS to mail service.

  • Active circulation was 1,868,702, up just over 5% from last month's 1,773,615.
  • Web site visits were 484,000 with 1,294,000 page views

The web metrics are actually down a little from March, but this appears to be entirely due to a noticeable drop in activity around the first week of April and the associated Easter / Passover holidays.

This month I'm introducing a new set of metrics for you all - the total number of messages sent, and the maximum number of messages sent on any given day. Remember that a message is not just an email since we now support Twitter. These counts are subscriber updates, and don't include "transactional" emails that we send to verify subscriptions, update publishers etc.

For April, then, the subscriber volume metrics were:

  • Total messages sent: 16,820,525
  • Average messages sent / day: 560,684
  • Peak daily messages sent: 727,143 (April 10)

FWIW so far today (May 1, 1:30 pm edt) the total is 681,883, so we may see April's peak beaten immediately. [May 2nd: Not quite! May Day's total ended up at 709,666, making it our second busiest day after April 10]


The PayPal issues from earlier in the month appear to have been resolved - thanks to everyone who stuck with us until that problem was sorted out.

In addition, a lot of people wrote about our Twitter integration (initial post here, how to stop it here). There's more coming on this front, lots more excitement is en route.

We also welcomed Jory Des Jardins to the Board; she's a fabulous addition to the firm (and I'm not saying that just because I've a Board meeting in a few minutes, honest!).

A great new feature was added to FeedBlitz last month that didn't get much notice, but I think is a very useful tool, so I'm going to mention it again. If you haven't already done so, take a look at the unsubscribe report - there's some very interesting data about your subscribers there.

Finally, we tweaked some features last month but I didn't blog about the changes; I'll get that done this week.


We're running some :-) You know how to reach me...

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