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FeedBlitz WWW Availability March 13 07

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sometime overnight the main dedicated FeedBlitz web server experienced a major hardware failure that it apparently could not recover from (read: it's still down). The case is still in process with our hosting company. At the moment, we can't tell when it started, and it's still going on.

As of 9:15am this morning we switched over to a backup web server, which will allow all aspects of your service management to take place. The knowledge base will remain unavailable until the main server is brought back online or until a more permanent solution is needed. Meanwhile, we're working on removing a couple of pesky error messages from the alternate in order to get the end user experience as back to normal as quickly as we can.

The main inbound mail server is also on the sickly server; we'll get that running on the backup shortly, but messages to myself or support won't be read until we do. Outbound mail and your scheduled deliveries are still working, however, as these (and the servers they use) run on different machines.

This is a problem with the WWW front end only; mail is still going out on schedule.

Update 12:04 pm edt

  • The error messages have been removed from the site.
  • Inbound email is now working.
  • Any email sent to us between ~6:00 PM edt on March 12th and 2:05 AM March 13th should be considered lost at this stage and resent.
  • Mail sent after ~ 2:05 AM edt and ~10:45 AM edt may be OK depending on your mail system's retry policies. If mail to us bounced already, please resend it.
  • The errant server is still down but FeedBlitz is now back 100%.

If you had emails that you believe did not get out as a result of our machinery problem please mail support and well force them out.

Update 4:59 pm edt

  • A problem with the typepad widget running against the backup server has been fixed.



Blogger Lazy Girl said...

Hi Phil,

I appreciate the updates and information regarding the server and service issues.

It's been a couple of months since I emailed you last, but I have an update and a 'Thank You' for you.

I am only six months into blogging and I started the FeedBlitz account/service for my readers right away. My company operates primarily in the quilt industry with overlap into anything sewing or fiber related. The average age of quilters is 58 – it’s the new 45, trust me. That’s my target reader. Blogs and RSS and feeder services – yikes! Your service is the perfect bridge from the scary and unknown world of blogs for my readers. I have been able to customize the delivery service so that a nice, graphic based, visually enticing email lands in their inbox with all the content, pictures, links, etc. It’s easy for my readers to enjoy my blog - it’s been a fabulous fit.

I am hosting a party at my blog and it has garnered nationwide attention, actually a world-wide audience for my field. I was able to successfully launch the first of its kind ‘show’ at my blog for my entire industry. This includes consumers, suppliers, designers, and everyone in between. We are in the last few days of the event – stop by if you need some eye-candy as we call it.

Part of the reason for my success with this event is the fact that FeedBlitz allows me to deliver a professional looking email to my readers. My readers understand email. I was able to show all the participants what a blog was, how it worked, and what the readers would see if they wanted to participate in the event. Let me tell you, the word ‘blog’ was met with ‘a what?’ by the big players in my industry who haven’t explored this versatile arena.

I upgraded to the ‘Pro’ package to include custom graphics, etc. in my emails. I upgraded to ‘Turbo’ in order to send the posts to my subscribers when I want.

Thank you for helping me with two issues I experienced early on. One resulted in a programming change to benefit some users. Your responsiveness and professionalism speaks volumes about your company. Thank you for allowing me to count on you, and for helping me get what I need from FeedBlitz to make a more professional impact with my blog.

Joan Hawley

1:33 PM, March 14, 2007  

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