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Quick FeedBlitz Update

Monday, April 09, 2007

Things have been pretty busy around here recently and I've been remiss in posting updates for both February and March. I don't currently have the circulation metrics for the end of February or March either, and I'm afraid I'm not going to go back and mine them from the database. They're all up on the prior month of course (current April 9th score: 1,773,615), and so we're back at our steady-state circulation growth of 5%-7% per month after January's 16% bump.

March on the whole got to be bumpy in the second half. Following the hardware failure mid-month we have a number of scale-related issues in the last week that caused problems with a number of mailings. These took us more time than usual to fix and, with hindsight, I messed up in not blogging about it at the time. My bad.

That said, all is now hunky dory, with the exception of making the knowledge base consistently available. That ought to be done this week.

Better yet, we have some very exciting news coming up ... it's going to be an interesting week. Stay tuned!




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