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Feature update: how to stop Twitter updates

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lots of people have been trying out our Twitter integration, but some have been struggling to unsubscribe from Twitter updates from FeedBlitz. Twitter updates are so small there's no room for unsubscribe links in the message. So instead, to change what is sent or unsubscribe, you have three choices:

  1. Stop following the relevant friend completely, or
  2. Update the FeedBlitz subscription to use tags to only send certain articles to Twitter, or
  3. Tell FeedBlitz to cut it out, already, and stop the subscription.
For (2) and (3) you need to use the FeedBlitz web site to manage your Twitter updates:
  1. Log in to FeedBlitz with your email address (if you only have a Twitter subscription with us you'll have to register).
  2. Go to your user profile and fill in your Twitter details there to link your email and Twitter accounts.
  3. Go to your subscriptions at www.feedbliitz.com/feeds, scroll down to the Twitter section and pause / delete the whole thing, or modify the tag filters.

Easy really. Just not particularly inutuive ... if anyone has any better ideas given the limitations of the medium let us know.




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