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FeedBlitz circulation surges past 2,000,000

Friday, May 18, 2007

As of a few minutes ago, FeedBlitz's active circulation (the number of active reader - active publication pairs) blew through the two million mark, to 2,009,613. It took us just under eight months to go from our first seven figure total to today. By comparison, our first million took nearly 14 months to achieve.

FeedBlitz has established a continuous track record of growth and innovation in the RSS to email market. The only mainstream vendor who's business model does not depend on selling advertising (hey, we actually have a business model); we give the most options and the most flexibility to bloggers, publishers and marketers looking to extend their reach with a professional, automated HTML email newsletter solution. We offer real-time analytics, unsubscribe and referral reports, broadcasts that compliment RSS-driven publication, and complete subscriber management. We are the only RSS to mail newsletter vendor that supports marketing using innovative social media platforms such as Twitter, and there's more on the way on that front. Like our one million article, we're in the middle of a beta. It's for an exciting - dare I say it, ground breaking - marketing and lead generation service we'll be launching soon.

So a few metrics to wrap up this milestone, to parallel the first:
  • Our largest list has well in excess of 100,000 subscribers.
  • The next five have over 50k each.
  • The 10 largest publishers account for a circulation of over 580,000.
  • There are 23 publishers with circulations greater than 10k.
  • Our busiest day (so far) was May 11, 2007, where we sent over 790,000 updates.
  • Circulation has grown 7.5% since the end of April alone.
So thank you to everyone for your confidence and support!

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