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FeedBlitz Makes 1,000,000 Milestone

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Actually, this morning it was 1,037,940....

So. Only 6 days ago we passed the 900,000 mark, and today I am thrilled to announce that our active circulation (the number of reader - subscription pairs) has handily passed a million, less than 14 months after we first launched with a circulation of, well, zero. This month alone we're up 26% so far. Welcome to all.

I'll cover some more metrics in the September round up next week (here's last month's), but given the momentous nature of this moment, I'm offering a few nuggets to give you insight into some of what makes up that seven figure number:
  • Our largest publisher has over 100,000 readers
  • Our top ten publishers account for nearly 400,000
  • The next thirteen have circulation greater than 10,000
  • After these, the next eighty have circulation of 1,000 or more, with 16 more in the 900 range
So it's a long tail, of course.

But what does this circulation growth mean? It means that email is an essential communications component for RSS, bloggers and their readership. It means that the technical and economic opportunities created by uniting RSS and email are compelling for publishers and marketers. It means that this is a business, not a hobby (and definitely not a "build to flip"). It means our business plan and our business model are proving themselves in the market. It means we're very, very good at what we do.

Web 2.0? Check. Bubble 2.0? Not so much. No need to go there again.

You see, we're building FeedBlitz for long term strategic success, which is a vital consideration when evaluating services that are an essential component of your Internet-based messaging and reader relations.

So the milestone is great, and we're very happy.

But we're not done. Not by any means.

Meaning? Well, back at the ranch, we have opened up v2 to select beta testers. Here's one comment on the new facilities, just to whet your appetite:

"THAT IS AWESOME! I hate using all caps, but that is very cool."

Everyone will see what he's talking shortly. Trust me, it's a Good Thing.


FeedBlitz's Circulation Passes 900k

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thought I'd mention this milestone from our daily site metrics published on the home page. Active circulation passed 900,000, up from August 31st's month end 822,000 - 10% circulation growth in the last 22 days. Welcome to everyone joining the leading blog and RSS to mail service - and thank you!


Delayed start and new RSS feed size restriction

Friday, September 08, 2006

All: 2nd day in a row - sorry about this. What's happening is that as we grow we encounter more and more and more source feeds. Every now and again one throws us for a loop. Yesterday and today several new feeds have given us trouble. One is dynamically generated but the script generating it was broken, causing the server we were polling to effectively go into an infinite loop, sending us an infinitely large feed. It's a similar problem today with other sites. Unfortunately, they don't make servers with infinite amounts of memory, which caused the glitch and the delays.

So, as of now an important policy change has been made on our servers to permanently deal with us. We will only read the first 512kb of any feed from now on. Any feed that size is basically broken as far as I'm concerned, but since there are "broken" feeds out there we're making this change immediately to enable us to serve everyone as best we can.

Anyway, the fix is in, today's poll is practically complete, and the mails will be flying out any minute now. Promise :-)


The mailings did indeed go out; later on we found an issue with certain older feed formats that prevented entries from going out anyway - now fixed. We have also implemented a number of minor changes to better support the current Blogger beta. If you're using FeedBlitz with Blogger beta you should get much more consistent performance from now on.


Circulation passes 800,000; grows 17%

Friday, September 01, 2006

The dog days of August were good to us at FeedBlitz. Active circulation grew from about 700,000 to over 822,000 at the end of the month, representing nearly 17.5% growth in just 31 days, or double July's rate. Welcome to everyone who joined last month.

All this activity was also reflected in the feedblitz.com site metrics. As I mentioned in the July summary, I expected to "crush" the July metrics in August. And so we did. The month saw 399,816 visits (up 73% from July's 230,850 value), and page views broke the one million barrier for the first time (1,025,494, up 38% from July's 743,804 total).

Last night's run was the largest ever, sending mail to over 300,000 recipients for the first time, yet performance is still good: Everything finishes by 6:30 am or so eastern, on a consistent basis. We also hired extra customer service and produce development resources to continue to power our growth as the Internet's leading RSS to email service.

Feature-wise, we introduced our new Knowledge Base to help answer common (and not-so-common) questions, fixed a few issues and continue to work on deliverability.

Why the relative quiet? We're working hard on finishing FeedBlitz 2.0

FeedBlitz 2.0 will contain important upgrades for our standard service, as well as exciting new innovations across the board. Upgrading will be seamless and automatic (except that the web site will be much, much easier to use (and, ok, you got me - a little less orange too!)). So stay tuned for more on v2 over the next few weeks.


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