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July 2006 Summary

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Time for our regular monthly update on activities here at FeedBlitz, the web's leading RSS to mail service. Let's do the numbers.

Active circulation at month end was a whisker over 700,000, representing over 8% growth from June. Feedblitz.com had 230,850 visits and 743,804 page views, up from June's 205,634 and 729,583 respectively. Based on activity so far, in just the first couple of days of August, I'm confident that we'll crush those numbers next month.

New capabilities added in July saw FeedBlitz enable user customization of the registration confirmation email (perfect for non-English content), a monthly newsletter option, and the management of our delivery to AOL (initial post, update 1, update 2). We also sponsored and attended the most excellent BlogHer conference, and I was interviewed by Internet marketing expert Lee Odden.

Now regular users are usually accustomed to more feature adds during a month than we've delivered in July. There is, of course, a reason for that. And the reason is that we're working in some new, exciting and innovative capabilities that I hope to be able to announce in September, all things being equal. This work is both important and time-consuming, but trust me on this one - it will be worth it.

Meanwhile, stay cool in this blistering Summer heat, and watch this blog for more FeedBlitz news.



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