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Advanced Email Marketing: Landing Page Monetization

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Landing pages. Generically, landing pages are the pages where a user starts to interact with your site in some way, usually after an search, or possibly clicking on an ad. One of the things that Internet Marketers (and any business online) spend a lot of time optimizing are their landing pages.

The landing page is your last best shot at converting the new visitor into something else: A buyer, perhaps. A lead. A subscriber. A donor. A voter. The point being that you want that new visitor to do something when they hit that landing page, and optimizing that landing page to improve its conversion rate typically leads to more success (however you define that) later on.

Landing pages can be short and sweet, or go all the way through to screenful after screenful of text, with embedded videos, highlighted text - "squeeze pages" in the industry jargon. Optimizing landing pages needs lots of testing. Even simple headline changes, a subtle change in the call to action, or adding a chevron to a button can dramatically affect how well a landing page converts.

Dollars to donuts, you have three highly visible, highly engaging landing pages that you haven't even thought about. And that means you're losing out on potential conversions, and therefore on downstream monetization.

Thinking Harder About Dual Opt-In

The tragedy of most bloggers - which is why I wrote the "List Building for Bloggers" series and subsequent ebook - is that email subscriptions are neglected, forgotten about and generally ignored. Not only is that in and of itself a tragic loss of potential engagement (and, again, monetization opportunities), it also means you're missing out on three critical landing page monetization opportunities.

What are they?  Well, think about the dual opt-in process. You probably haven't for a while, so here's a little diagram as a reminder:

See, after the subscription form is completed, there's the "Check your inbox now" page. It's a landing page.

After the subscriber activates their subscription, there's another "thank you for subscribing" landing page.

The third landing page I mentioned? Happens when a subscriber unsubscribes. They opt out of the list, and a "Sorry to see you go" landing page appears.

Three, very engaging, well-read, landing pages. Have you thought about how to make better use of them? Optimize them? Leverage them to help you monetize your site better? Because if you haven't, you're missing out on some great revenue opportunities.

More on what to do with the neglected landing pages hiding in your dual opt-in process in the next post.

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Anonymous Ivan Andrianko- Consumer Psychologist said...

A main thing to remember is the key drive behind all purchases, which boil down to out very primal emotions. If you want anything you market to be successful, it is important that you address the consumers wants and need. Figure out what desire your product fulfills, as that should be the goal behind your entire sales copy. This may seem basic, but most people don't even know what they 8 primal desires are, and thus, they cannot effectively relate their product to the consumers happiness.
They go as such:

1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
2. Enjoyment of food and beverages
3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger
4. Sexual companionship
5. Comfortable living conditions
6. Superiority, Social ranking
7. Care and protection of loved ones
8. Social Approval

Figure out which of these your product works into and you will be golden.
For marketing strategy, i recommend Cashvertising for anyone looking to learn a thing or two that will seriously set them apart in the long run.

6:43 PM, December 01, 2011  
Anonymous David said...

Ivan I totally agree with you and points you've written. Is it really the best variant to use Cashvertising to achieve good results?

1:58 AM, December 26, 2011  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

Although I left these comments in I believe that the first comment is (quite sophisticated) spam promoting the cashvertising book (google for cashvertising and "learn a thing or two" as your search query). So reader beware.

11:56 AM, December 26, 2011  
Anonymous Joanna said...

You are right - optimization is certainly needed to make it work. I am looking forward for your next post - you got me interested in the subject.

5:05 AM, January 25, 2012  

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