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January 2007 Update

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

January Metrics

In the prior monthly update I discussed the changes at FeedBlitz during 2006 and the milestones we'd achieved. This month, it's back to your regularly scheduled metrics.

Big news, numbers-wise, was that FeedBlitz's active circulation topped one and a half million, only 4 months after we reached the million mark. The month-end value was 1,542,602, with 91,300 active RSS feeds / blogs in the service. We ended December with a circulation of 1,331,600, so January was up nearly 16% over the month before. Welcome to the over 210,000 new subscribers we're delivering to.

Meanwhile, over at FeedBlitz.com, January saw just over 1.2 million page views and 466,000 visits, up from December by over 20% and 14% respectively.

Tagalicious New Features

New features added to the service in January were a lot about the tags (or categories or labels, depending on what your service calls them). Tag related capabilities added were:

Here's a site that's using tag filtering on their email subscription form. It's exactly the usage we had in mind when we built the feature.

Tags aside, we also added publisher notifications for forwarded articles, the industry's most comprehensive automatic link tracking, and syndication cloning. We also fixed a short-lived but significant subscriber count reporting bug.

The pace is continuing in February, with the recent announcement of our new widgets capability. There's more en route this month, so stay tuned!

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Blogger Movie maniac said...

I like FeedBlitz. Thank you for new features

2:06 PM, June 19, 2007  

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