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October Update

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A little more promptly than September's update, here's a summary of the month's events and metrics here at FeedBlitz.

To the top line, then. We ended the month at just under 1,108,000 active subscriptions, for just over 9% month on month growth. Now, with the release of FeedBlitz 2, the web site was restructured. What the means is that the usual month to month visitor metrics - particularly the page views - aren't particularly applicable, since it's not an "apples to apples" comparison. Plus I forgot to add the visit tracking to the blog pages until today - oops - so October's site-wide numbers are under-reported. November will therefore be the baseline month we use going forward, but, for what it's worth, October's numbers still showed over a million page views and nearly 380,000 unique visitors. Additionally, the feedblitz.com home page graduated to a Google PageRank 8 last month.

And FeedBlitz 2 was released. We made the service more feature rich and more flexible for publishers and subscribers, whether standard service or premium users. Among the unique features we introduced are:

We also introduced:

  • Time zones (check yours!).
  • Turbo Express for nearly real-time email delivery.
  • And a completely redesigned site

Finally, we're trying a month-long experiment here at 'Blitz Central. Our static pages are running ads. The ads will only run on our pages, not the ones we serve on your behalf. Just so you know. I'll discuss the results next month (if the ads really don't work, they'll be long gone before then).



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