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Pheedo Added to Ad Integration

Monday, October 30, 2006

For publishers using Pheedo, FeedBlitz now lets you add your Pheedo ads to your FeedBlitz pages. To take advantage of this capability, you need to use (or set up) a Pheedo Ad Zone from your account home page (i.e. set up a Pheedo ad for a web site, not for an RSS feed). Once the Ad Zone is configured, copy the zone id from the Pheedo JavaScript (it's the string of text between the "zone=" text and the next ampersand "&" character). Then:
  • Go to your advertising configuration pages in FeedBlitz.
  • Select Pheedo Ad Zone from the ad network drop down.
  • Paste in your ID in the field below (don't include the "zone=" start text or ending "&")
  • Save!
You can see a Pheedo Ad Zone at work on the signup page for the FeedBlitz Coverage feed.



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