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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Update: 11:28 am edt

The problem appears to be fixed (at least for now) and users may now log in.

Original Post: 10:45 am edt

Our hosting service has apparently got a routing problem with many servers at the moment - and one of the systems affected is the FeedBlitz database server. In plain(-ish) English, packets from our web site are being misdirected and they're not getting to the database server, so the machines can't talk to each other (even though they're all hosted by the same company). It's a network problem at the ISP. Bottom line: visitors can't do anything right now.

Tech support says it has been an issue for about an hour or so now. I might even believe them, as I know that all the emails from the overnight run have been sent, and it finished about 4 hours ago, so if they're telling tales they're not exaggerating too much. However, it is not possible to say when service will be resumed.

If you're having a problem logging in or trying to subscribe or unsubscribe today, we apologize for the hassle; please try back in an hour or so.



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