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BlogHer Conference Wrap

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now that I've had a little time to recover from the jet lag etc., I thought I'd wrap up on last weekend's BlogHer conference.

The conference itself was a great event, even for me (a man). The attendees all seemed to find the environment a safe, secure and friendly one, and it certainly seemed to me that everyone was welcome, regardless of gender. BTW, male attendance was (as far as I can tell) way down from the 20% in 2005, so come on, gentlemen: step up for next year.

From an agenda perspective, I found most of the topics on day 1 to be the most useful and interesting to me, but then they were the more technical ones. Day 2 was more topical and issues related, and since I blog largely for customer service and marketing purposes I found the day to be a little less interesting for me. It was the better attended of the two days, though, which I think indicates the momentum of blogging as a whole and, perhaps, the issues motivating women in particular in the blogosphere. If you're wondering "why is a women's blogging conference necessary?" then the attendance alone should tell you: because there's a reason (and a market) for one.

FeedBlitz was a technical sponsor of BlogHer and we'll be continuing to support their efforts over the coming year. For what it's worth, kudos and thanks to Jory, Elisa and Lisa for organizing the event so well, and to all their volunteers and partners who helped. Having been around conferences my whole career I know they're a nightmare to run, and this one was very well run indeed.

It was also fabulous to meet many of our users (and, I hope, users to be) at the conference. Not only did I start day 1 by meeting Dave Winer, but I also had the pleasure meeting with Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff of the Blog Squad, the very talented Elise Bauer, the multi-tasking Liza Sabater and many more. Liza was kind enough to introduce me to Robert Scoble while we are all standing in line at a poolside bar (I know, tough trip...) - he was there with his family as his wife was speaking on Day 2. I finally met Guy Kawasaki, who not only uses FeedBlitz but also was the one who pointed Jory and I at each other a few months ago. Also a big hello and thanks! to Susie Bright (contains adult-themed content) for finally tracking me down in the heat on Saturday. I met many others too numerous to mention (and a couple of folks I hope to be able to mention at some point in the future, all things being equal), and so if I omitted anyone, sorry. Drop me a line and I'll add you.



Blogger Elise said...

Hi Phil,
Hey it was great to finally meet the man behind the curtain. So glad you enjoyed your time surrounded by the hundreds of fabulous women (and men) who attended the show. I too am just now waking up from my post-conference exhaustion stupor, though my voice is still gone. Not used to yacking until midnight.

11:41 PM, August 01, 2006  

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