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"If you are going to read just one book...consider reading List Building for Bloggers" @KareAnderson

Monday, May 16, 2011

Regular readers will know that I've been on something of a tear with quotes this week, following the availability of the List Building for Bloggers e-book.

While I am thrilled with all the quotes and support from everyone, I am particularly honored to share this quote from Kare Anderson, Leader, Collaborative Strategies, Center for the Edge, Deloitte.

Before we get to the quote itself, though, you should know that Kare's lengthy job title simply doesn't do her justice.

Kare has helped diverse clients develop a profitable collaborative culture, communication and methods, including mutual mentoring, self-managed teams, charettes and crowdsourcing. Her clients include LEGO, Singapore and Mayo Clinic.

She was the Obama campaign’s Issues Team Formation Director and is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter. Anderson is the author of Getting What You Want, Walk Your Talk and Resolving Conflict Sooner.

She is, in a nutshell, an incredible talent. Read more about Kare here at her LinkedIn profile.

And so I am humbled and flattered when Kare wrote this about List Building for Bloggers:
“Just as I think meeting planners could ask us speakers, who see hundreds of conferences, for insights on how to engage their attendees, I strongly believe that it behooves bloggers to get tips from someone who has seen, first-hand, what makes some bloggers break-out stars with thousands of avid subscribers. More than anyone else I know, Phil Hollows knows what turns subscribers on and off. If you are going to read just one book on how to be one of those break-out stars consider reading List Building for Bloggers.”
Thank you, Kare.




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