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List Building for Bloggers Pre-Launch Insanity

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Click to visit the List Building for Bloggers web site
The first email marketing book aimed at bloggers and content marketers that delivers proven email strategies that build your audience, increase engagement and grow your income will be available for purchase and download on Monday, May 9th!

Read more about it by clicking through to listbuildingforbloggers.com now.

Its list price will be $24.95. It delivers:
  • Ten Power Tips to turn your blog a rocking-socking, butt-kicking, inbox-busting, fully automated email marketing and subscriber retention system.
  • Three case studies so you can avoid the mistakes even the Big Guys make.
  • Easily actionable tips to grow both list quality and quantity.
  • Chapters on autoresponders so you can market while you sleep, custom fields for personalization, and how to avoid spam traps.
  • All in easy to understand plain English!
It's great value at that price. You'll want to buy it at full freight.

So here's the insane, Phil-has-lost-his-mind, too-good-to-be-true offer:

It's yours for just $4.95, an 80% saving.

The catch? No small print. Just one task and one deadline:
  • The task: You must register (click here) before the book is available.
  • The deadline: You must use the code I send you after you register in the first 48 hours after the book's released.
Sign Up Now for the Early Bird Discount Code

OK, got that? The book's yours for just $4.95 if you pre-register (no CC required) and buy using the super-secret code by Tuesday midnight.

Easy, right?

There's no risk to you in signing up now, and when you buy using the code, you're saving $20. Better yet, you have the confidence of a full refund if, heaven forbid, you're not happy with the results and you end up wishing you'd bought three Starbucks instead.

So there you have it. Don't delay - the countdown timer is running and you only have three and a bit days to secure this discount. Miss it and the book will cost you more. It's that simple.
  • Over 45,000 words
  • 24 chapters
  • 163 pages
  • Three case studies
  • Five key steps to grow your blog’s mailing list
  • Nine essential inbox-busting, spam trap trumping, anti-complaint tips
  • Seven top landing page tips
  • Exactly one mention of the mating habits of the South American ping pong ball
So sign up already. Click the big "sign up now" button below. Now! You'll kick yourself if you don't, forget and miss your chance to save $20.

Register for the pre-launch discount

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