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"A must-read how-to for any blogger" - @MarkDavidGerson

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mark David Gerson is a screen writer and award-winning author of "The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy."

I'm delighted and humbled that Mark David has this to says about List Building for Bloggers:
“Phil Hollows takes the geek-only out of marketing your blog and makes it possible, and surprisingly easy, for anyone to get and keep an audience for their online content. Comprehensive and written in everyday language, this is a must-read how-to for any blogger.”
Thank you, Mark David! Can't wait to see your book on the silver screen...

Meanwhile, click here to read other testimonials and learn more about the List Building for Bloggers e-book, available now at its launch price of $9.95 until May 23rd (list price is $24.95, so you're saving $15 if you buy before then).




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