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"Fantastically useful to me personally and many others." - @amayfield

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of the things that I hoped to achieve, as a beginning author writing a "trade" (i.e. business non-fiction) book was to keep it real. To make it a little fun and a lot helpful without veering into too much, well, baloney. So I was dead chuffed (I'm reverting to my native English here) when Antony Mayfield, a consultant, author and commentator on web media strategy, social media, online content, reputation management and digital literacy, wrote this about List Building for Bloggers:

"When you have a gap in your knowledge you want this kind of an e-book, with the depth and integrity and lack of blather that List Building For Bloggers offers. After reading just a few pages I knew that this was going to be fantastically useful to me personally and many others."

~ Antony Mayfield, Founding Partner of Brilliant Noise and author of Me and My Web Shadow: How Manage Your Reputation Online 

Antony also founded the content and social media teams at iCrossing, which became the largest independent digital marketing firm in the world, before being sold to Hearst Media in 2010. Prior to iCrossing, Antony spent a decade in journalism and corporate communications, most recently as a director in the Bell Pottinger Group.

Thank you, Antony. Wow. That means a lot to me as a newbie.

Take a look at the book's largely blather-free web site (ahem!) at http://listbuildingforbloggers.com and buy a copy today.




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