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Three Lessons from BlogWorld you can Apply Right Now #BWE10

Friday, October 22, 2010

Now I've had a few days to absorb my BlogWorldExpo trip to Las Vegas it's time to put the lessons and tips into practice. So, if you're looking for YABWEWU (yet another blog world expo wrap up) move along, there's nothing for you here. Sayonara.

See, there's no point investing in going to an event like this and not executing when you get back. It's a couple of grand for me when all is said and done, so it is an investment and it has to yield a return.  So what I'm sharing here are my top to-do's that I'm working on following the show. These are easy things to do (in principle) and they can make a huge difference to your blog going forward. So why not do them yourself too?

Get An Accountability Partner

OK, little secret?  I'm a procrastinator. Big time. Never met a deadline I didn't like, because I can put things off until the deadline. (I'd tell you more, but maybe another time). So to stop me doing the same old same old and actually doing the stuff I say I should be doing from BWE10 I've got a mutual accountability partner - and I'm theirs. We trade to-do lists, help each other prioritize, listen to each other's challenges, opportunities, successes and failures, and make sure we stay on top of our goals.

So here's what I'm doing for accountability and what you can do as well to actually start - and keep on - delivering:
  1. Find an accountability partner (and be theirs too if it works, fair's fair).
  2. Arrange weekly meetings / con calls.
  3. Set up and prioritize the to do lists.
  4. Do the work and have them yell at you if you don't.
  5. Rinse and repeat steps 3-4, weekly.
Build an Editorial Calendar

I didn't do this before. Blogging for me was typically ad hoc, spur of the moment stuff, and mostly directly related to FeedBlitz.

Not any more. I've established an ed. cal. and will be sticking to it as best I can from hereon in.  Which, for me, means that are going to be a lot more posts on the blog (five a week if I'm successful) and the topics will be much broader. I think my readership can handle this, as shown by the fact that some of my most successful recent posts have been related to social media experiences I've had marketing FeedBlitz, not FeedBlitz itself. 

Many of the best known bloggers have editorial calendars and so far, in my experience, it's been very liberating, particularly when I've time to write the posts in advance and schedule them. It's a relief not to have to worry! My goal is to turn this blog into a resource, not just the FeedBlitz corporate soapbox.

Now what you want to do may vary for your audience, but I've a plan and will do my level best to stick to it:
  • Mondays: News / FeedBlitz Feature Tech Tips
  • Tuesdays: Guest Post
  • Wednesdays: FeedBlitz Sales / Marketing Post
  • Thursdays: How-To Guides
  • Fridays: Editorial
This week hasn't quite followed the plan, but it's been darned close and this will be the fifth post in five days, so I'm declaring victory for the week. You can - and should - be flexible on your ed cal, just don't give you so much flexibility that you don't follow it.  And if you can, write now and schedule automated publication.

Guest Posts

Another great tip from the pros - get guest posts on your blog and guest post on others. So go ahead and DO IT. I asked for guest posts (and directly solicited some as well); if all the volunteers get it done we have enough guest posts to fulfill that part of the ed cal for the rest of the year. Nice.

Meanwhile I'm trying to get my posts on other blogs (I got one one Denise Wakeman's a couple of weeks ago); this is harder to do but I'll keep at it. I have three posts I can repurpose, as well as write something custom, so if you'd like me to guest on your blog please email or tweet me.

Plenty to Get Started On - So Start!

Just three major action items so far, but I've spent much of this week on them. I already feel very good about having done them and am working through more of the items on my accountability list (there are many, many more - yikes - mayhaps I'll fill you all in on them later on). I feel they're going to make a very positive difference this quarter and beyond.

Got any similar tips yourself? What were your takeaways from the event? Share in the comments!

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