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Related Articles Increase RSS Engagement

Friday, October 01, 2010

FeedBlitz has added "related articles" to its premium FeedBurner alternative RSS feed service. By adding this content to your feed, any one article becomes a platform for launching the subscriber back into your blog, even if you're using full post feeds. More opportunities to engage means more site visits and, in the long run, greater monetization opportunities.

Many blogs feature related articles, but many are driven by client-side scripts, and so don't make it into the underlying feed. This denies the blogger's most ardent readership a critical re-engagement opportunity.

FeedBlitz has solved this problem for all our feeds, adding up to three related articles by default. The feature can be tuned, including changing the number of related articles to show and the heading text, at RSS - Settings - Per-Post Customization.  To disable the feature, simply set the article count to be zero.

Related articles will appear for current feed entries when the feed is next updated, a splice changes, or the feed is refreshed via the RSS tab at FeedBlitz.com.  To see it at work, check out the FeedBlitz News feed here (scroll to the foot of each article).

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