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Announcing List Building for Bloggers: An email marketing series for social media #LBB

Friday, October 29, 2010

Building on my six-plus years of blogging, about five years or so of FeedBlitz and many more in technology, product and email marketing, I'm going to to be publishing a series of posts over the next few months that I hope you will find helpful and informative.  My goal is to try to help you make the most of your work using the power and capabilities of email, the universal social network, regardless as to whether you're a novice or a more advanced blogger. At the end of the series you should be able to grow the value of your blog faster, whatever "value" means to you and your blogging efforts.

I'll be covering a wide range of email-centric topics, but focusing specifically on bloggers' needs. Bloggers are typically neither email nor technology gurus - you're the expert on your content. The vast majority of you are also not large corporations with oodles of money to throw around either!

This set of articles is for you. I'll be running through the following areas:

  • Why Email in the Age of Social Media
  • Lists, Email Marketing and your Blog
  • Autoresponders and Drip Marketing
  • Dual opt in and unsubscribes
  • Branding
  • Landing Pages
  • Spam, filters and deliverability
  • Compliance and the law
  • Traps for the unwary
  • Using multiple lists and mailings
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • DIY or Outsource
  • and more.
"List Building for Bloggers" won't be FeedBlitz-centric. I'll be making this a series a set of tips, advice and how-tos that you can apply (or at least ought to be able to apply) using whatever email system you use. So it's not just a pitch in wolf's clothing. I will, however, have specific examples and how-tos from FeedBlitz itself to help our users do what I'm recommending; that's only fair. These will be clearly marked in their own sections.

Posts will appear once or twice a week and be tagged "List Building for Bloggers" and reposted to Twitter using the #LBB hash tag. You can subscribe to the blog to get your updates, follow me on Twitter or simply track the #LBB hash tag on Twitter itself.  N.B. Posts may also be longer than most - you have been warned!

[Update: The first post is out! Click here to read it]

So subscribe or follow and get ready for the first post! We'll be starting next week (w/c November 1st 2010). If you have any topic questions you'd like to see me address during the series please let me know via the comments or on Twitter. See you next week!

P.S. If you think your friends or followers would find this series valuable, please retweet on Twitter or share on Facebook using the buttons below. Thank you!

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Blogger $5 Dinner Mom said...

Awesome Phil...can't wait!!!


7:13 PM, October 29, 2010  
Blogger ataraxia said...

on the video tour:
please erase the "music" that accompanies the instructions, its very obtrusive to the point that the instructions are difficult to follow. I've had to repeat the process several times

8:05 AM, October 30, 2010  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

@ataraxi - sorry to hear that. We'll try and push the music a little more into the background on the next one.

10:42 AM, October 30, 2010  
Anonymous ELGG Examples said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge about using the capabilities of email and universal social network. I bookmarked your site and I have already started reading your articles this month.

4:21 AM, November 22, 2010  

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