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Smooth Embedding and Data Capture with New Subscription Form Options

Monday, May 24, 2010

Publishers now have not one, not two but three great new capabilities that they can use when signing up new subscribers to email lists and autoresponders or for lead capture.  They are:
  1. Easy embedding to host the form on your site;
  2. Custom field selection;
  3. Custom fields in subscriber notifications.
Easy Embedding

You can now embed the complete FeedBlitz form on your site with a single line of JavaScript. The form appears as if it is on your site (which, in fact, it effectively is), styled with your fonts, colors and other CSS goodness. No iframes, no extra scroll bars, no large white spaces - just fully functional and harmonized graphic design. It's very neat, and all you need to provide is a page (it can be a simple "subscribe here" blog post if you like) to slam the JavaScript into. No programming, just copy / paste and you're good to go.

With this capability the subscriber starts the process fully on your site, which makes their lives easier and keeps the eyeballs where they belong, and, if you set the activation landing page at Newsletters / Settings / Content Settings / The Basics, the entire dual opt-in process works through your site without any side trips to feedblitz.com and without any jarring graphic design changes.

If you prefer to have the entire process on your site with 100% consistent look and feel, the embedding process is for you. Choose the embedded option from on the subscription form generator page for the code you need to copy.

Custom Field Selection

Custom fields (used for data capture, personalization and segmentation) are global to your account. If you had multiple newsletters or autoresponders you wanted folks to subscribe to, FeedBlitz always put up all the public custom fields available.

Now you can pick and choose!  The default is still all custom fields, but now you can also generate versions of the same form with different options.  So you can test how asking for optional or required data affects signups, simply by changing the custom fields selection and updating the form code.  Or, say you have a newsletter where you want easy sign up (i.e. no custom fields) and an autoresponder that sends a white paper to new subscribers (so you're using it as a lead capture form).  For the newsletter, go to Newsletters / Forms / Subscription Forms and disable all the custom fields and update the form on your site with the code generated; now FeedBlitz will only ask for the email address.  For the autoresponder you can leave it at "All" (at Responders / Subscription Forms) and the lead capture code will collect all the data you require to capture (and then reward) that lead.  

Now you have all the flexibility you need - and, yes, it works completely with the new embeddable form highlighted above.

Custom Fields in Subscriber Notifications

Unless disabled, FeedBlitz emails you when a subscriber joins or leaves the list. Now, if you have custom fields defined, all the subscriber's custom field data will be included in the notification message sent to you. Even if the form they used didn't contain any custom fields, FeedBlitz will send the custom field data it does have if the subscriber gave it to us as part of a prior interaction with your list(s).  It will also include any hidden custom field data you added to the subscriber's record.

So there you have it - greater flexibility, better user experience and more relevant notifications.  And it's only Monday... quite the way to start the week!

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