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New: FeedBurner Email Subscriber Import Wizard

Monday, February 15, 2010

You can now seamlessly import subscribers from FeedBurner into FeedBlitz's email subscription services  - without having to send an import notification. It's all done using our new FeedBurner migration wizard. 

The FeedBurner migration wizard greatly simplifies and speeds the migration process from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz (FeedBlitz is a supported, sophisticated, more powerful FeedBurner alternative).  The FeedBurner wizard can even be used to create FeedBlitz analogs of your FeedBurner mailings, including graphics and font selections, so that your mailings will look pretty much the same once you're done - a great way to set up a baseline mailing at FeedBlitz before you explore its more powerful features.

How To Start

To use the wizard to bring FeedBurner email subscribers over into a list you already run at FeedBlitz, go to Newsletters / Subscribers / Import Subscribers From FeedBurner.

To create a copy of your FeedBurner mailing (subject lines, schedule, logos etc.) as well as importing subscribers, click the Newsletters tab and choose to create a New Automatic List, and then choose the FeedBurner Import option on the next screen.

The wizard logs in (we don't store your FeedBurner login credentials; once the wizard is done or you navigate away they're forgotten) and then you pick the FeedBurner feed you want to import from, the FeedBlitz mailing list you want to import into (or create), and that's it.  Ludicrously easy. FeedBlitz does everything else for you - including de-duplication - and sets up the mailing list. 

Unlike text file imports where we don't know the provenance of the subscribers, we know that all confirmed subscribers at FeedBurner are dual opted in. As such we can import them directly, just like we did with Bloglet all those years ago. For unconfirmed subscribers, the wizard takes all who are unconfirmed in the last 10 days and imports them with our standard import heads-up message.

At the end of the day, all you have to do to complete the switch is update the subscription form on your site and suspend FeedBurner mailings.

Why switch?

Good question. FeedBlitz is a great FeedBurner alternative because FeedBlitz:
  • Has greater email design flexibility (e.g. add your own sponsorships to the mailing);
  • Has express, weekly, monthly and manual scheduling options;
  • Lets you send an email newsletter blast to your list without a blog or feed entry;
  • Supports custom fields, personalization and segmentation;
  • Has autoresponders for drip marketing or simple incentive mailings;
  • Lets you customize the landing page a subscriber ends up at once they confirm;
  • Offers extensive email reports for click, bounce, open tracking and more;
  • Automatically reminds subscribers that haven't confirmed to do so;
  • Is fully compatible with FeedBurner reports, statistics and item tracking (i.e. you don't lose any RSS feed metrics);
  • Is fully supported and frequently updated.
So there you have it.  An easy exit for your FeedBurner email subscribers into a superior, supported alternative. The FeedBurner Migration Wizard is available now to all upgraded accounts or accounts on an active trial.

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