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FeedBlitz Subscriber Pages Translated for Brazilian Readers

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A brief note to remark that our subscriber facing pages, such as the pages used in the subscription and unsubscribe processes, are now available in Brazilian Portuguese. We have some very large lists from Brazil, and with this change we'll make FeedBlitz much more accessible to Brazilian subscribers.

FeedBlitz automatically detects Portuguese subscribers, but visitors can also override the language selection using the links at the foot of the relevant pages. My thanks to Marcelo Vitorino over at http://www.insightpublicidade.com.br/ for his help actually doing the translating.

Want your language?

If you would like to volunteer to translate the FeedBlitz subscriber pages into your language, drop me a note at phil @ you know where. There are about 250 strings to translate, and we will reward you with publicity in the FeedBlitz blog like this and in the footer of the translated pages for as long as we use your text. It's entirely voluntary, but if you'd like to help for your language write in. The first one to send back a completed spreadsheet wins :-)

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Blogger Aline Mendes said...

Estava esperando por isso há muito tempo, e por isso estou muito satisfeita com a novidade. Mas já notei algumas falhas na tradução, que merece uma revisão pra ficar mais "redonda".

I've been waiting for this translation for a long time, and it's very good news. But the translation still needs some revision.

11:08 AM, April 03, 2008  

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