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More About the Upcoming FeedBlitz Email Ad Market

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In last week's summary I briefly mentioned our plans to make good on our commitment to help bloggers make money from their mailing lists. What FeedBlitz is building is an ad program - an entire ad market, in fact - that will do for mailing lists what Google's AdSense and AdWords did for web sites.

The thing is, we didn't want to do this. We would much rather have worked with an existing ad program that was email friendly, would readily allow us to share revenues with our publishers, and that could work with the Web 2.0 long tail.

It didn't exist.

So, if we're to build an ad market, we have a unique opportunity to build an ideal program, that not only works for FeedBlitz as a business, but also works for publishers and advertisers alike. That brings the best of the self-serve, affordable model that proved so successful for Google on the web with AdSense / AdWords, but simplifies the process and makes it more transparent.

Today we just deployed the second phase of our ad beta that delivers on the first steps on this vision. Here's what we're delivering:
  • A single sign on solution for both bloggers and advertisers - all functions in the same GUI.
  • Simple text ad building, just like AdWords.
  • Auction based CPM pricing for advertisers.
  • No guessing about bids: A transparent market, with public bid pricing.
  • Targeting by keyword, location (to the zip code in the US) and / or category.
  • Campaign and account-wide budgeting.
  • Simple set up - no graphics expertise required.
  • Revenue generating house ads.
  • Affordable entry points.

Bloggers can easily earn money from the market too:

  • One-click setup - no scripts to insert, no templates to edit. Click and Earn.
  • Flexible positioning, including auto-placement of ads inside the text.
  • Ability to exclude competitor domains and inappropriate content.
  • Low payout thresholds so you can be paid sooner rather than later.
  • Upgrade rewards: Premium publishers will get a greater share of the revenues.

There's a lot more to it than this, of course. For example, your subscribers know you blog about a variety of topics. What's relevant to them is going to be related to everything you write about, not just that particular day's articles. So we take that into account as well. And if you're a professional media buyer, we'll have good news for you as well shortly after we launch.

So are you ready to monetize your mailing list? Are you ready to reach blog subscribers with your ads?

Then be ready. Subscribe to the FeedBlitz Ad Market Update. Once the email ad market comes out of beta and goes live - by the end of this month - you'll get an email from FeedBlitz telling you how to sign up and start earning.

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