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August 2007 Monthly Update

Monday, September 03, 2007

The big news we announced in August was the massive upgrade to Newsletter Edition we'll be making available to all our free service users. Ad-funded, the change will enable all of FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition's features for everyone, greatly increasing the mailing list and email newsletter potential for casual bloggers and professional marketers alike. We have started to roll out some of these changes already, with the rest due to take place next week.

To help ensure that the emails we send get delivered by your ISP, we launched our new "Quality Alert" feature to help you identify problems with your email newsletter before they become a crisis. We also made changes to subscriber import and other areas of policy to reduce the risk of future terms of service issues for genuine publishers. By keeping our slate squeaky-clean, your messages will keep being delivered.

Meanwhile, we also made some performance improvements to the site. Large list owners, particularly those with 50,000 or more subscribers in their accounts, will now find that subscriber search is much quicker, and that their subscriber pages render much more quickly. If you have a smaller mailing list, your subscriber displays will render more quickly as well; you just may not notice the difference quite so much.

So to the monthly metrics. While circulation rose, site visits were down a little (probably due to summer vacations in the northern hemisphere). The mailing metrics were way down on July, largely because July's metrics were boosted by the problem user we dealt with here. These numbers show signs of picking up, despite the long weekend in the US and Canada, as we continue our susbcriber and publisher circulation growth. And so to the details:

Circulation: 2,629,578 (up 7.8% on July)
feedblitz.com page views: 1,733,446 (down 1%)
feedblitz.com unique visitors: 674,081 (down 0.3%)
Total messages sent: 27,413,270 (down 34%)
Average messages / day: 884,299
Peak daily messages: 1,390,297 (August 31)

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