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OK, that was weird...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Odd day. After having solved our problems this morning and set the update on its merry way, we noticed a strange thing. It wasn't emailing nearly enough people. Had the blogosphere gone mysteriously silent overnight? Was there an issue with our servers? Had we messed up the fix to today's problem?

As it turns out, the answer is (...drum roll...) (d) none of the above. Oddly, it seems that when we finally got the update cranking, various other pieces of the 'Net were, let's just say, enjoying some issues of their own. Blogger beta was having problems around the time we were hitting them up for updates. I also strongly suspect other funkiness from other services today (they just haven't been as up front about it as Blogger), since I know that some blogs with new articles failed to yield new data in their RSS feeds earlier today - and they're not on Blogger, beta or otherwise. So whatever it was that was going on out there, it wasn't confined to (nor am I blaming) Blogger.

So, here's the plan. Job #1 is to get the mails out. So... we'll be rerunning the job again, but excluding the feeds that had new articles and which were, therefore, successfully mailed out earlier today. A bit more work for us, but then nobody wants to get the same stuff twice, right? Right.

Update: 9:31pm est

Success - this iteration comprehensively filled the mysterious gaps in the earlier cycle.



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