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New phone numbers for FeedBlitz

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today we're introducing new phone numbers for the Internet's leading RSS and Blog to mail newsletter service.

Our new options come complete with a (US) toll free option and a virtual assistant to route calls more quickly to the resource you're looking for. Once you call, you can hit 1 for support, 2 for sales, 4 for verbal unsubscribe instructions, or you can directly dial the extension you're after. You know the drill, right? The system has built in "follow me / find me" facilities, so if one of us is around it will try to reach us before giving up and going to voice mail. This should be much more effective for everyone than the old single mailbox approach we were using.

So, continental US callers (and, shortly, Canadians and the remaining US states) will be able to dial 877 MY-BLITZ (or 877.692.5489) to reach us, or you can call us from anywhere on our new main number, 978.776.9498. The contact page has been updated to reflect our new information.



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