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"AdPro" Advertising-Supported Premium Upgrade Available

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm delighted to announce a new premium upgrade option for FeedBlitz publishers. Available now, "AdPro" is a (nearly) free version of our successful "Pro" custom graphics solution. Complementing our fixed cost, no-nonsense paid plans, "AdPro" provides an alternative upgrade path for FeedBlitz email publishers for whom the fixed fee "Pro" program wasn't suitable.

What is AdPro?

Everyone who wanted a custom email template but couldn't (or wouldn't) pay the $4.95 a month fee now has an option they can try instead: AdPro. AdPro is identical to Pro, the industry's most flexible and capable RSS to email customization option, except in two important respects:
  • Price: AdPro costs a nominal $1 every 5 years, so is practically free, compared to Pro's $4.95 monthly fee.
  • Ad Insertion: AdPro uses FeedBlitz 2's automatic ad insertion feature, so that capability is not available to AdPro publishers.

AdPro uses PayPal and a valid credit card to prove your identity (hence the nominal $1 charge after every 5 years).

Are there ad-supported versions of other plans?

Right now we're sticking with the advertising supported version of Pro only - there are no "Plus" versions available. The "Turbo" schedule upgrade plan remains purely fee-based.

Are we keeping the paid "Pro" plan?

Absolutely! The premium Pro plan gives publishers control over the content and any ads they place in it, for a low, fixed monthly fee. We see this as the most appropriate version for professionals and business users, for whom content control is vital. If you want to run ads using our automated ad insertion feature, Pro is also the way to go, as all revenues from those ads accrue to you, the publisher, and not to us.

AdPro is for those bloggers and publishers who want the graphics and branding capabilities of "Pro", but whose subscribers will tolerate third party advertising online and in their emails. We serve all the ads, and any revenues earned are FeedBlitz's. AdPro users also have no choices about what ads we serve; they are entirely at our discretion. That's the basic trade for the upgrade: flat monthly fee for total control and all revenues for you (Pro), or no monthly fee and all the revenues are FeedBlitz's (AdPro).

Will the standard service remain?

Of course - while AdPro adds a new upgrade path, we're not taking anything away from our standard service publishers. The standard service keeps its automatic ad insertion capabilities, for example, and it will continue to use the familiar, trusted FeedBlitz standard branding.

How do I choose Pro or AdPro?

It's easy. Start by building your custom graphics template by going to your syndication page and choosing "Customize Custom Graphics (Pro)" from your publication's popup menu. Edit your template until you're happy with it. When you enable the template using the check box, you will be presented with your funding options. Pick Pro or AdPro here, follow the PayPal instructions to validate your upgrade, and your setup is complete!



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