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Audience Participation Time at List Building For Bloggers #LBB

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm starting to wrap up the List Building for Bloggers LBB series with a couple more posts in mind, but before I do, I need your help.

Specifically, are there any topics or questions you have about building your blog's list, email marketing and integrating email marketing with social media that you'd like to see addressed? I know I haven't covered everything by any stretch, so please comment on the blog to add your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Don't be shy - this is your chance to influence the series. Seize it!

Here's what we've covered so far (in reverse chronological order, i.e. most recent first); click to read them:

So, 14 posts so far and roughly 30,000 words (yikes!); how much further can we push this?! The answer depends on you, so comment now!

I'm looking forward to your ideas,



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil, this is a really thorough series and I've appreciated all the posts. Looks like you have a book on your hands...blog on!

12:45 PM, March 17, 2011  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

Hi Denise: Thank you! (And you spotted the whole book thing, huh? Yes, I am going to eBook it next quarter. Ssshh, don't tell!).

12:49 PM, March 17, 2011  
Anonymous Carrie from Denver Bargains said...

I would love to see some information on CSS styling for email - some ideas of what works, and what doesn't; things that are ok in almost any email client, things to avoid because of how they appear in certain email clients, etc.

1:03 PM, March 17, 2011  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

That's a good one, covered in overview in "3 danger zones of spamminess" but not in detail. Added to the queue.

1:11 PM, March 17, 2011  

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