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One Less Thing to Do, by Scott Howard

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Less Thing to Do

It was supposed to be a paperless society.

It was supposed to save us time.

"It" was the personal computer.

Then the Internet.

Followed by Email, and social media which includes Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and about 40 to 400 more options that will come and go.

Each new advancement in communication is supposed to make us more money and/or save us time.

But there is a tipping point, a point where you might feel that it is all pointless?

Your email marketing campaign, your blog posts, your tweets, status updates, all take time and who is reading them anyway?

So you contemplate dropping one, two, or three of them, not really sure which ones to keep doing.

There is another option that I discovered a few years ago, and you are reading it right now.


I write 36 blog posts every single week, on three different blogs. Plus about 4 other posts a month on a couple more blogs.

I do this in my free time along with working 50+ hours a week in advertising and marketing for a group of radio stations, serving on a few local boards and advisory committees and having family time and a weekly date night with my wife.

Each blog covers different subject material, and appeal to different people.

Instead of me composing a newletter, FeedBlitz does it for me. Readers can subscribe to any and all or just the one that most suits their interest. FeedBlitz pulls my blog posts and sends them via e-mail to subscribers.

One Less Thing to do, thanks to Feedblitz.

About the Author

Scott Howard adopted the name ScLoHo several years ago so he would not be confused with the Michael J. Fox charater in the 1985 movie "Teenwolf".

His 25 years of advertising and marketing business includes radio, print and a variety of social media outlets.

He is most active on Twitter @ScLoHo and his blogs which can be found at http://www.scloho.net/; or simply Google ScLoHo and you'll find him.

He can be contacted at 260-710-7078 and Scott@ScLoHo.net

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Blogger Phil Hollows said...

Thanks, Scott! Sounds like we're saving you a boat load of work there.

11:44 AM, December 21, 2010  
Blogger ScLoHo (Scott Howard) said...

Email newsletters are an excellent addition to a business marketing plan, in some cases. What you have done for me with FeedBlitz is allow me to not have to create the newsletter, since you handle it for me and I can continue to do what I enjoy.

On the flip side, I use Feedblitz to subscribe to other blogs and get the info conveniently in my email which allows me to spend less time checking to see who's posted.

1:34 PM, December 21, 2010  
Anonymous Mark van Loon said...

Well, one of the most interesting things in business right now, is keeping up with all the social media.

I'll make a free account on Feedblitz te see what it can do for mee too...

3:48 AM, December 23, 2010  

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