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Putting the Personal into Customer Service, by Julia Scott

Monday, July 26, 2010

I compared a handful of email newsletter software sites when I launched BargainBabe.com in January 2009 and Feedblitz came out on top. It offered all the features I was looking for, had tons of custom options, and (at the time) was free!

I like Feedblitz because I can upload my site's banner into my newsletter and write a custom message that goes out with each mailing. I can track my subscribers, see who is clicking on what, and monitor sign ups. I send my daily and weekly email newsletter out manually, which takes me all of three minutes. Pretty snappy!

When I emailed customer service about a delay in my newsletter - one day it got stuck behind a massive emailing - I got a personal message back from the founder, Phil. He answered my questions and set up a time to talk to me about an upgrade I was interested in.

I was thrilled to meet Phil in person at the Savvy Blogging Summit in Colorado. When I suggested an improvement in the appearance of the Feedblitz widget, he instantly suggested we sit down and make the changes I wanted on BargainBabe.com. Phil spent 30 minutes with me working to find a solution, cracking jokes while coding. You can't beat that customer service!

Julia Scott is the founder of and chief blogger at BargainBabe.com, which has strategies to save on everyday expenses like groceries, gasoline, and gifts. She adores Feedblitz.

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Blogger Phil Hollows said...

Thank you, Julia! It was a pleasure meeting in the other week in Colorado!

8:57 AM, July 26, 2010  

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