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FeedBlitz Extends Click-Through Analytics; Adds Subscriber Activity Reports for RSS-based Email Solutions

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Raising the bar on the analytics introduced last week, the click-through analytics have had an extra layer of analysis added. Clicking on a link in the first time trend chart now gives the time trend for just that link. As a reminder, you need to explicitly enable click-through tracking in your syndication's details.

Going to the next step, we have added subscriber activity tracking analytics for all syndications - and better yet, there's no need to enable anything - it just works.

You can start in several places:
For the time range selected, you see how many users confirmed their subscriptions and are currently ok, how many unsubscribed, how many are still pending, and how many (oh no!) have decided to ignore your feed from a FeedAdvisor analysis. There's a new drop down to switch between click through analytics and subscriber activity reporting.

So analyze, optimize and make the most of your blog, your content and your subscribers.



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