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December 2005 Summary

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

OK, time for a quick look at the numbers for December. As the New Year arrived in the east coast of the US, FeedBlitz's subscription count was 154,621 - up from 82,643 at the end of November, representing 87% growth in December. The largest feed served has over thirty thousand subscribers.

More than 4,600 readers polled the FeedBlitz blog daily (mostly, I'm glad to say, using FeedBlitz itself), up from just shy of 3,000 the month before. According to Google Analytics (nee Urchin), 2,700 visitors stopped by the feedblitz.com website on the busiest day in December (the 20th). We had 64,000 visits and 277,000 page views in total (The site has already beaten December's busiest day, with over 3,500 visitors on January 3rd.)

The main driver for subscription growth in December were the beta testers for the subscriber import facility - my thanks to Fraser Crain and Susie Bright in particular for their help and advice, then and now, despite the pain we put them through. The import facility is a premium service that is helping existing publishers save time and improve quality by eliminating manually maintained newsletters or less flexible online services, and it's proving popular with our growing premium subscriber base.

The import capability aside, the major new facilities added to FeedBlitz in December were the OPML monitoring / autosubscription service and "paging" for large blogs. OPML export was added too. The pace will pick up this month, wait and see.

See? I told you it would be a quick update. I'll make this type of summary a monthly feature if you all like it. Meanwhile, FeedBlitz wishes you all a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.



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