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TypePad and "403 Forbidden" in FeedBlitz emails

Friday, December 16, 2005


UPDATE (1:55 pm EST)

It looks like a corrupt database or disk is responsible for the problems at TypePad. Summary status information is here http://status.sixapart.com/ and a (slightly) longer explanation is here: http://www.sixapart.com/typepad/news/2005/12/current_issues.html

Bottom line: TypePad is still broken and it may not be possible to recover your posts if the storage issues can't be resolved. You'll need to use a backup, the data saved in your desktop or web-based aggregator, or you can try Google's cached images of your site to see if your recent posts can be found there (you might get lucky). Meanwhile, changes will be made today in FeedBlitz to limit any ongoing effects on FeedBlitz subscribers.


TypePad is badly broken at the moment and has been apparently for some time - including the time covered by the FeedBlitz nightly update. The problems therefore extend to mails sent by FeedBlitz based on TypePad feeds (and FeedBurner feeds based on TypePad), which have the wrong title (because TypePad feeds are busted and not even returning the correct error code) and links aren't working. I'm hearing horror stories about other ramifications from others (including lost posts) this morning. It's bad over there.

Do TypePad and the publishers a favor - don't write or phone TypePad support right now. Believe me, they know. I'm sure that they are working like crazy over there to get things fixed. I wish them a speedy recovery.

Still - If you see the "403" message and links are not working it is not FeedBlitz failing, it is TypePad. There's nothing FeedBlitz can do about this other than trust that they'll be up in time for tonight.



Blogger Dennis Howlett said...

That's very gracious of you Phil but in Europe we've been out 18 hours. All of us relying on TP as its business partner have been totally hosed.

A number of them, me included, have experienced outtages before. This time, SA demonstrated their incapacity to understand even the most basic of backup precautions. Have they not heard of event monitoring? How about fail-over, redundant arrays...

And all after Barak assured me personally in email they'd resolved their long term capacity and planning issues.

Yeah right.

You'll be getting another email from me soon asking advice about what I need do now I'm moving everything to a different host.

12:31 AM, December 17, 2005  

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