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First Results Validate Performance Improvements

Monday, November 07, 2005

The most recent nightly run successfully completed all its work faster than any run since September 17. It took less than 30 minutes to complete a task that, the day before, had taken an hour and a half (with the email engine improvements), and the day before that had taken over two hours. Looking good.

Put another way, in the last nightly cycle FeedBlitz polled over 5,500 feeds and potentially mailed 48,000+ active subscribers to those feeds. On September 17, the last time the run was this fast, FeedBlitz was only polling 881 active feeds for less than 10,000 active readers. So a factor of five performance improvement is more or less what has been achieved.

Or, looked at a third way, performance is back to where it was only 7 weeks ago. Which implies that we may be looking for the next set of speed improvements around New Year, depending on growth rates. Yikes!

Still, all in all, a very promising start to improving scalability, and the key to much greater reliability moving forward.



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