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Important Support Message - All Clear

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Update 10:13 AM Eastern Sept 22:

The hosting service is back on track; email is transferring properly so tonight's run will be at the standard time, shortly after midnight eastern.

Original Post from Sept 21:

FeedBlitz's hosting service (not FeedBlitz itself) is having significant email issues today, starting around 8am US Eastern. Emails to and from FeedBlitz are being significantly delayed as a result. This not a fault with FeedBlitz per se, but a major network problem at the hosting service where the FeedBlitz servers are kept.

FeedBlitz excels at delivering better service and better feed email services than anyone else. We take deliverability issues very seriously. While many issues regarding emails "not arriving" are almost always related to issues in source feed data or sp*m filters, this is different. You, our customers, need to know what is happening and the steps we're taking to mitigate this third party problem.

To reiterate, the FeedBlitz service - the code that reads feeds and decides what to send out - is working fine, but the intervening fiasco at the hosting company is nevertheless affecting email delivery, both inbound and outbound. This situation is beyond our control, but it affects us and, more importantly, you and your readers.

FYI, the current latency for emails in and out of FeedBlitz is running at about four hours. It's been that way since early this afternoon, which is when email delivery finally (and oh so slowly) restarted. This time lag currently does not show any significant signs of improvement. As a result, we're not in a position to say how successful tonight's run is going to be at getting emails into your reader's inboxes in a timely or reliable fashion.

So here's what we're going to do as we try our best to get your posts out to your readers despite these problems.

1) Tonight's run will be delayed five hours. This is to give the hosting company a chance to fix whatever it is that is broken before FeedBlitz dumps thousands and thousands of emails on them. The emails will contain exactly the same content as the standard midnight run; it will just start later.

2) Email generation will be paced so as to stretch delivery over a longer timeframe. This is to lighten the load on the hosting service's systems and to increase the odds of successful delivery.

No action is required on your part. As and when there are any useful updates to share I'll post them here.



Blogger Kaye Bailey said...

Good Morning Phil -

I had two posts go out to my subscribers today. One was truncated, one was the full post. Is this a result of the problems you were having? I have my feed coded "short" in my blogger settings - do I need to do something different?

Thank you. I am enjoying the look/feel of FeedBlitz as are my readers.


10:26 AM, September 22, 2005  
Blogger Phil Hollows said...

Hi Kaye:

The abbreviated posts come from your "short" option in Blogger. We'll have to look at where the long version came from... Multiple posts from the same source are because you're somehow subscribed to two slightly different versions of your feed.

10:22 PM, September 23, 2005  
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