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More on "international" text encoding

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Following Monday's Unicode update, support has been added for the most common other encoding, ISO-8859-1, which is what most European languages use. Specifically, feeds and blogs encoded in ISO-8859-1 are now properly converted to UTF-8 as the emails are sent out, so the odds of emails related to your feed "looking odd" are very much lower (if we find other popular encoding formats being used, conversions will be added for them at some point in the future). Text format emails in particular are now correctly encoded.

On the minor tweaks front, a fix was applied so that all RSS feed formats displayed correctly. Previously, one version of RSS was only showing post headlines, and where's the fun in that? Also, the messaging on the landing page for subscribers adding themselves via the HTML form now emphasizes your feed's name (and gives clearer instructions on finishing the registration process). Your users should feel more comfortable that the submission worked and is indeed related to the site they just came from.

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