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Wednesday's changes

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Many thanks to those who made suggestions Wednesday - FeedBlitz just keeps getting better as a result of your enthusiasm! If you're a FeedBurner user you should now see the FeedBlitz user agent in your stats.

Changes include: Tables are now easier on the eye when there are multiple rows; the workflow in the syndications and subscriptions area has been improved somewhat; email validation is much stronger; and a confirmation dialog has been added to all deletion operations to prevent a misplaced mouse-click from deleting the feed for all your subscribers accidentally.

One thing I'm going to have to revisit, it's clear, is time zone handling. Right now FeedBlitz isn't locale sensitive, it takes the prior day in GMT/UTC as its time window. So if you posted on Tuesday after 23:59 UTC, FeedBlitz will only have sent it out today. That seemed like a good decision at the time I made it during the FeedBlitz design, but it's really counterintuitive in practice. It's going to have to change; I've an approach that I'm contemplating which will show up in a few days to have this make more sense.

Edit: Aug 4, 7:00 PM Turns out it was just a defect with feeds where times are already in UTC - now fixed. What happens now is that FeedBlitz simply mails posts in the most recent 24 hr period (midnight to midnight, eastern), regardless. While it's still not locale sensitive, it is more along the lines of what one would intuitively expect. Fix posted, mailing more intuitive, and now back to your regularly scheduled blog mailing...



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