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Announcing List Monetization for Bloggers: An email marketing and monetization series for social media

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The blog post series and subsequent publication as an e-book, List Building for Bloggers, has been very well received. Nearly seven hundred copies of the book have been sold since it launched in May (get yours here). With luck, you've been starting to follow the advice and have started to see the quantity and quality of your lists improve.

Which begs a question, though. Now you're building your list, what to do with it? And, in particular - because let's cut to the chase, why not? - how can you make money from your mailing list?

You've probably heard the phrase "the money's in the list." That's what this next series - and, who knows, perhaps the next book! - will be all about: Making money from your list (or lists, I'll get to that too). Practical tips and techniques gleaned from personal experience, leaders in the field on how to grow your income via email marketing.

Like its precursor series, List Monetization for Bloggers (a.k.a. LMB) will appear more-or-less weekly. Although I'll be focusing on list monetization for blogging and social media (or, more formally, "content marketing"), many of the tips will be gleaned from (and applicable to) what's called "internet marketing." Bloggers will learn core internet marketing techniques that they can apply to gain new revenue streams via their list and other venues; internet markers will end up with a comprehensive one-stop guide to list monetization and insights into how blogging and social media can further their income growth.

Topics I will cover include:
  • Multi-list strategies
  • Master lists
  • Advanced autoresponders
  • Affiliate programs
  • Monetizing list signups
  • Incentives and giveaways
  • Packaging, partnering and bundles
  • List hygiene
  • Ethics and best practice
Where appropriate, LMB will recap or reference LBB (start reading online, or buy the book). Online, there will be content showing you how to configure FeedBlitz to help you monetize your list.

Posts will be tagged "LMB" here and I'll be tweeting about it on Twitter with the #LMB and #LBB (for continuity) hash tags.

Next week I'll start with a comprehensive introductory post, after which I'll jump directly in to multi-list strategies.

About List Monetization for Bloggers

Written by Phil Hollows, author of List Building for Bloggers and FeedBlitz's Founder & CEO, List Monetization for Bloggers is a series of posts to help you make more money by effectively using these monetization tips. No matter whether you're a novice, a more advanced blogger or and internet marketer, there will be something for you to learn, apply and benefit from in this series.

P.S. If you think your friends or followers would find this series valuable, please retweet on Twitter or "Like" on Facebook using the buttons below. Thank you!

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