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No More CAPTCHAs (*sort of)

Monday, January 24, 2011

FeedBlitz has made its CAPTCHA invisible for our premium upgraded customers. Which means, for the most part, people subscribing to paid up feeds will no longer have to fill in all those numbers and letters.

Usability and accessibility wins, for sure, but isn't this a huge risk? Aren't we going to get tons of bots now?

Well, we think not (and this is the "sort of" part). Using the same technology that's in our Wordpress Comment Form plugin and additional concepts that built from there in the anti-spam plugin built by Andy Bailey of CommentLuv fame, there is in fact a CAPTCHA on the form. It just doesn't need a human being to fill it out. It's effective enough as-is in discriminating between people and bots.

The visible CAPTCHAs return to reduce risk if and when necessary, but for most people most of the time there won't be any CAPTCHAs required if they're subscribing to an upgraded feed. You can see it in action here on the subscription form for Seth Godin's blog (oh, wait, you can't! See? That means it's working.)

So, yet another reason to upgrade! Start a trial now at www.feedblitz.com/f?NewsUpgrade

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